Rebounty makes it easy to understand, engage, and motivate your employees.


Millennials at work

Creating effective ways to engage millennials requires a whole different approach and strategy

#1 Engage 

With Rebounty you have gamification around challenges, coachings, surveys and talent searches.

#3 Drive

Align employees with the goals of the business.

#5 Enrich Culture

Build a strong sense of community and reinforce your culture.

#2 Understand

Get insights into what motivates each employee and how to grow your organization.

#4 Incentivize

Meaningful and flexible rewards are a powerful motivator.

Rewards are effective

Employee's journey
Rebounty assists you every step of the way


  • Operationalize your existing Referral Bonus policy
  • Leverage employees’ social graph to reach out
  • Expand your reach through rebounties, gain insights via analytics
  • Boost interest from top talent with employer branding and signup bonuses


  • Incentivize knowledge sharing with gamification
  • Bubble up best information with ratings
  • Create rich data with hashtag and linking
  • Use video for informal learning
  • Auto-categorize information with AI/NLP


  • Capture the employee perspective
  • Leverage the social graph for marketing insights
  • Chain surveys via retargeting
  • Collect more data with easy engagement

Engage & Retain

  • Incentivize behaviour with challenges
  • Benefit from a flexible reward structure
  • Use anonymity to avoid office politics
  • Manage the lifecycle of challenges 
  • Use video for informal creation of challenges

Seamless integrations