Rebounty turns your staff into recruiters.


Rebounty makes employee referrals a breeze.

Referrals are the most effective recruitment tool out there.

Job Submissions : 7% are referrals

93% other ways

Hires : 40% are from referrals

60% other ways

What people say:

"Rebounty’s simplicity has been amazing for empowering our staff to go out and find candidates that they KNOW will match our company’s culture, way of working and more. It’s made our onboarding process much smoother and the cost of hire has ultimately fallen."
Geoff Martin Head of Strategy Investments FIS Holdings
Geoff Martin
Head of Strategy & Investments, FIS Holdings Ltd.
"Using Rebounty to support our own recruitment methods has proven to be highly effective. The act of putting out monetary rewards for referrals that’s accessible by employees of an organisation is like throwing jet fuel on our approach."
Lindsay Fleischer Senior Consultant Found People
Lindsay Fleischer
Senior Consultant, Found People Inc.
"It’s difficult to find great hires fast when you’re experiencing growth spurts. Rebounty has helped incentivise our entire organisation to REALLY exhaust their network and beyond in order to find very motivated and ‘known’ candidates v. fast."
Cori MacPhee Director Communications Marketing at Second Harvest
Cori MacPhee
Director Communications & Marketing, Second Harvest

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