A company born from frustrations found in hiring.

Founded in 2017 Rebounty was born from the roundtable frustrations that Jack Ponte and Dimi Paun swapped and shared from years of hiring within the recruitment industry, corporate organisations as well as fast-growth businesses.

As you might predict, this involved frustration and lingo best left for after the 9pm watershed. But from this arose the common consistency. Referrals seemed to make better hires, potentially ‘ideal’ candidates that were originally referred for a role actually had a whole set of buddies to refer for the role.

But where was the incentive.

So from a dinner table conversation, to the rough sketchings of a plan to the birth of Rebounty.


Dimi Paun

As the head honcho at Rebounty, Dimi can sometimes been seen speed talking in Romanian, cracking jokes in English and thrashing his poor young children at Tennis as often as he can. Ya’know - team player and all. Oh. He works sometimes as well.

Katie Dolgin
Vice President

The lovely Katie is our operator at Rebounty. She officially wins coolest middle name award. ‘Waverman’ - it rocks right?! And it’s a tag-team as she is the only French speaker in the team that also drinks wine like a trooper. Shh. We won’t tell her little monsters. I mean lovely children...

Jack Ponte

Meet Jack the mechanic at Rebounty. Being a native dude from Toronto, he’s the Spanish speaker in the team and currently winning the ‘most kids’ race. It’s where he does his hiring :P. When he isn’t throwing shapes that he still believes would give St-Pierre a run for his money; he also fishes. And works. Upon occasion.

Doru Droscaru
Chief Design Officer

Doru is our slick one and is a bit of a legend around these parts. He can give Dimi as good as he gets in Romanian. Also, whenever he’s ready he can conjure amazing stories for his children and tell his wife how he loves her cooking. Regardless of what he might really think. We salute you Doru.